The Routescan project emerges from a wealth of experience in Block Explorer development, cultivated by a small team of highly skilled developers with a shared goal: to deliver a cutting-edge, accessible service tailored for the blockchain landscape of tomorrow. Starting its journey in the early months of 2020 building Avascan, the leading Avalanche explorer, the project reached a significant milestone with its public debut in May 2023.

Since than, Routescan has undergone impressive expansion, consistently onboarding new clients, among them key figures in the blockchain industry, and solidifying its position as a prominent player in the Explorer as a Service sector.

With a team focused on performance and innovation, driven by clear objectives and a culture that fosters proactivity, Routescan offers an ideal environment for individuals seeking to explore the realm of web3 or embark on one code challenge after another.

Open Positions

Backend Data Engineer Position

Applied Research Position: "EVM Data Indexing and Storage Optimization”

Web3 Product Designer

Optimist DevRel

Quality Assurance specialist